Half-life 3 will never be made, this is why.

Apr 1, 2018
It seems to me that that half-life 3 will never be made.

The $
Valve is making so much money taking the 30% revenue cut selling other people's game now, they're bathing in cash at this point.
Why would they bother making another 1% money, taking the risk of people disliking it and saying Valve is gone, that's a huge PR disaster.

The legacy
Half-life 1&2 was such a success, no matter how great half-life 3 is, fans will not be satisfied, they will always be sentimental towards half-life 1&2
For example:
This game is so buggy. >It's the classic mechanics, utilizing the bugs is fun​
The graphics are not very real. >Photo-realism is not important, it has a certain style of aesthetics​
(That "style" was actually just the most generic graphics at that time, it was the best photo-realism they could do)​
Sounds like fans' excuses to indulge themselves in the pride of sentiment, you fix the bugs, make the game prettier, whoa that's too far.

The meme
It has also become a meme at this point, keep it alive and milk more money.
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