ElectroBOOM content evolution

Apr 16, 2018
He started out making videos of himself getting hurt, pretty funny, there weren't channels of this style exist on YouTube.
That's the golden era.

Since Apr 30 2015, he intentionally tried to brand his channel, adding "electroBOOM" to every thumbnail.
The content became not as natural as before, things became cliched, comedy became obviously scripted.
What do you think it's going to happen? He's going to wire the capacitor backwards then it's going to explode?
The capacitor goes off.
"Always to remember to check the polarity..."
OK, that trick is getting old.

He made his daughter appear on camera, awww, exactly.
Is he trying to manipulate me?

He started debunking stuff, EEVBlog and thunderfoot are pretty successful at debunking, now ElectroBOOM wants a piece of that market.
It's the loss of his style of content.

Recently he started doing electricity 101 without his own style of content, just a talking mouth with 1.4M subs.


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Some of his "getting hurt" are fake, including the flash when he played the electric guitar and sizzling noise when he touches something hot.
Scripted BTW, lol, it's OK, pretty, pretty normal stuff, ay we tyler's fan we used to this.