People pretending to be dumb to gain a like, cheaply


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Mar 31, 2018
Original post:
Oh my god I know it's obviously wrong, hahahaha.
Mind of a Reddit poster:
Wow people are acting so dumb, I will act like they are for real and post it to r/facepalm, so I will get likes.
It's two layers of acting dumb, in both of those layers, people ate them up.

Meanwhile in the Reddit comment section
People start to imitate what people did in the original comments.

One comment got a bunch of upvotes
So a guy starts to think: If I post in parallel, I will never be seen, I know this is not a response, but I will post similarly as a response anyway to get exposure​
Basically repeating the last comment​
Referencing some meme, mash it up with the last comment. "It's-a me, Amexico!"​
Since Mexico is mentioned, "the wall" is brought up​
"And luigi is gonna pay for it."​
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