Oh no he keeled himself


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Yesterday on VRChat I asked a guy something in a cheesy voice:

Hey kid, want to be a YouTube superstar megastar?
Can you draw?
Can you make SFM?
Can you be funny?
>People downvoted me on my skits
Can you review 💩?
>I have no money.
OK, can you review memes?
>I am nobody.
Can you play video games?
>Nobody cared about my Genji 4k, Reddit hates me for uploading my own content, 2 people watched my stream, turned out that is just another tab I opened.
Can you...
>Look PAL, I am not creative, I can't do 💩, I have never been popular, people always 💩 on me, nobody likes me, I go on f🅰️king Reddit and re-post memes so I can get liked.
Can you KYS?
>Long silence...
>Long silence...
Oh no he keeled himself.