Silicone Polyether Defoamer


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Mar 7, 2021
Application Industry: PCB Cleaning, Electroplating Solution & Electroplating Solution Cleaning
Product Name: Antifoam RK-0056
RK-0056 is a modified silicone polyether defoamering agent which is modified by special grafting reaction with special designed emulsifying system. It has excellent defoaming&antifoaming properties and stability especially under some very harsh conditions. Very low dosage can achieve ideal foam control effect and reduce the passive effects on the finished products due to adding a lot of antifoams. It鈥檚 widely used in PCB cleaning, electroplating solution&electroplating solution cleaning, etc..
Product Property
Resist to high temperature&high shear & strong acid&alkali
Excellent defoaming ability and long-lasting antifoaming effect
Safety in use
Main Physical and Chemical Properties
AppearanceTransparent liquid
pH value6.0-8.0
Key Applications
Industrial cleaning, electroplating solution & electroplating solution cleaning, PCB cleaning
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Q1: Can you do OEM and ODM?
A1: Yes, OEM and ODM are both acceptable.
Q2: How many packaging do you have?
A2: For liquid defoamers, there are 25kg/ 50kg/ 120kg/ 200kg plastic pail or 1000kg IBC packing in our company.
Q3: When can I get the price?
A3: Please contact us by email or phone by providing your specific requirements.Silicone Polyether Defoamer