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Feb 8, 2021
Product introduction
Ep is short for polyester conveyor belt, because the inner canvas of polyester canvas conveyor belt is ep canvas. We specialize in manufacturing all kinds of ep polyester conveyor belts, such as ep 150 conveyor belt, ep 200 conveyor belt, ep 250 conveyor belt etc. (the number behind ep represents the tension of the ep canvas)
Product specification
Name: Ep150 conveyor belt
Fabric type: polyester锛圗p锛?/p>
Fabric structure锛坵arp): Polyester
Fabric structure锛坵eft): polyamide
Ply thickness: 1.1mm
Strength: 2ply(300N/mm), 3ply(450N/mm), 4ply(600N/mm), 5ply(750N/mm), 6ply(900N/mm锛?etc.
Cover thickness(top): 3 - 10mm
Cover thickness(bottom): 1.5 - 8mm
Width: 400mm - 1400mmChina Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt factory