Power Plant Filter Element quotation


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Feb 8, 2021
The BLG double-cylinder filter is composed of two single-cylinder filters and a ball-shaped switching valve. It has a simple structure and is easy to use. It has a bypass valve and a filter element to block the indicator to protect the safety of the system.
The feature of the BLG series filter is that when a filter element is blocked and needs to be replaced or cleaned, there is no need to stop the main engine. Just open the pressure balance valve and turn the filter element for reversing direction. The filter element is a stainless steel mesh folding type, which allows cleaning and replacing the filter element. more convenient.
This filter is suitable for lubricating oil systems in power plants, steel plants, cement plants and other thin oil stations.
Rated flow2200L/min
Nominal diameterDN100
Working pressure1.6MPa
Alarm pressure difference0.15Mpa
Filtration accuracy20um
Outline dimention690*560*1780Power Plant Filter Element quotation