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Feb 2, 2021
The machine is suitable for the mass production and packaging of medicine, health care products, food etc in liquid state, such as syrup, honey, ketchup, sauce, pet food, pei pa koa etc.
Multi-column liquid paste packaging machine control components of PLC, touch screen and easy and convenient operating system, advanced design to achieve high precision, fast speed, high efficiency without membrane automatic stop function and save material, avoid the waste of heat sealing bag system with photoelectric bag length track, ensure smooth pull bags fast accurate whole machine adopts high quality durable parts, once again, improve the durability and stability.
Main performance and structural features
鈼?Control components using PLC, touch screen and convenient operating system
鈼?Advanced design, high precision, high speed, high efficiency
鈼?No film automatic stop function, save material, avoid waste
鈼?The hot sealing and drawing bag system is combined with photoelectric bag length tracking to ensure the drawing bag is fast, smooth and accurate
鈼?The whole machine adopts high quality and durable parts to improve the durability and stability again
鈼?The applicable scope of multi-line liquid sauce system line packaging machine
鈼?Suitable for the following materials: shampoo, shower gel, face cream, seasoning oil, jam, seasoning sauce and other liquid materials
Technical parameter:
Line number4-68-12
Packed itemGranule, powder, liquid, sauce
CapacityMax. 35 bags/min/line
Bags sizeL: 50-180mm
W:17-30mmL 50-180mm
W 17-30mm
Film width280mm560mm
Film thickness0.04--0.10mm
Sealing typeStick bag, 3 sides sealing
Cutting typeStraight cutting, zig zag cutting, round corner cutting
Film materialLaminated film,like PET/PE,PAPAER/PE, NY/PE, PET/AL/PE..
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.8m3/min
DimensionL1385 x W918 x H2005mmL1685*W1300*H2005mm

Line number4-64-104-12
Packed itemGranule, powder, liquid, sauce
CapacityMax. 40 bags/min/line
Bags sizeL 45-120mm
W 50-60mmL 45-120mm
W 50-90mmL 45-120mm
W 50-120mm
Film widthMax. 480mmMax. 560mmMax. 960mm
Film thickness0.07-0.10mm
Sealing type4 side sealing
Cutting typeFlat cutting or Zig zag
Film materialLaminated film,like PET/PE,OPP/PE,NY/PE,PET/AL/PE.etc.
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.8m3/min
Power source1N+PE/50HZ/AC220V(380V)/2.8kw1N+PE/50HZ/AC220V(380V)/4.1kw1N+PE/50HZ/AC220V(380V)/5.5kw
DimensionL950*W1470*H1750mmL1153*W1654*H1750mmL1415x W1686x H2130mmChina Multi Line Packing Machine suppliers