Admin here, dude there's so much spam lately


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Mar 31, 2018
Everybody is ditching, so much spam.....
I'm onto new projects too so I might as well....

Dude I'm kind of tired of this forum I made, I have outgrown it in 2 years time, there's more important stuff to do
I'm not an edgy person anymore, I think my nickname Morte is stupid now, and I am ashamed that I lied to troll and such, I have grown, I have found truth, that is......... Jesus Christ
You might think what a christcuck, oh whatever

I made this site during the turning point of the Internet, when that turning point passed, their devilish agenda has been achieved, everyone lost, people have shown their true colors, and the world has been divided into 2. Those who posed to be edgy and offensive and truthful just to gain popularity on the internet, to ride the trend, to appear to think alike in order to subvert, when the tide turns they turn as well. And those who act to be offensive and truthful because a part of his heart is so. You know what I'm talking about?

The progressive has progressed, once again. From a prophetic point of view, this line will be drawn clearer and clearer because Jesus is coming to collect His people. The ones that is His and the ones that are not, by the time the progressive devil has done his job, will be as distinct as black and white. You will either be subverted to the left or the new right, or come to the realization that Jesus is the Truth the Way the Life.

guys I might be gone for a long long time, because I'm working on something new
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