The bloomberg shill



/biz chad here, me 4chan pass expired, so I'm outta there

And it's going to be a "2017 like bullrun"

Why are joomers shilling Bitcoin? They could have controlled bitcoin long time ago, that'll be my guess, I mean if they can print money, they can control most of the Bitcoin as long as there's a USD-BTC pair in the world. And now they're shilling it. Why? Because they bought most of them?

But my guess would be, the next one world currency is not going to bitcoin, bitcoin is too slow and handles too little transactions, and the reward mechanism does not involve inserting a chip into your brain. My guess would be, they're going to shatter SHA256 just like SHA1 , or there's something fundementally wrong with ECC algorithm, and Bitcoin would be dead. Then they introduce a new crypto that will be the new one world currency that is psychically connected to your brain.