Science bimbos

Apr 1, 2018
Recently YouTube recommended me a lot of "science girls" professors teaching ADVANCED PHYSICS
I'm like not 5Head or whatever but even I can tell they're just bimbos put on stage to look good and to bull💩

Not only do they sound "smart" but stupid(bimboish), also the physics theories they teach are built upon imaginations and indoctrination instead of experiments.

I'm not a researcher but even I know
Science today is not like
"I just had a science discovery, let's try to find out why model it using the math tools we have"
It's more like
"Now that we have a theory, how do we prove it using another theory?"

When I was in middle school and high school NONE of the teachers know why the text book say so. Everybody has a weak foundation in science, and they go to colleges to study advanced crap, are you kidding me? If you can't solve the chicken and the egg problem why are you dabbling in biology? Or if you don't even know how to cut a piece of wood how do you study physics?

And these bimbos come out telling everyone what the universe is really made of using theories upon theories, I know for a FACT Michael Faraday didn't even know how to do math, he discovered so much just by experimenting using primitive magnets and wires, ok?
Apr 16, 2018
True you know I would love to have them tell me how to build a nuclear reactor
Apr 8, 2018
Here's a few pseudosciences I find retarded

Quantum theory
Particle physics
Data science

Whenever I find people teaching these I know they are in deep 💩, the reason why a lot of women are in place to teach these is because they're easy to fool and are mentally weak, women just can't say "I don't know what you're talking about", or they'll sound stupid, so they'll just pretend to be smart and spread the lie.

There is no women repairing refrigerators/air conditioners because it's actually a real science. Women can only teach lies built upon lies or they'll immediately proven full of 💩.
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