Is NFKRZ a normie

Oct 26, 2018
be nof🅰️kers

looks like heroin wh🚺re after losing weight
pretends to not be a normie by constantly complaining about corruption
russian MUTT(not even pure russian)
admires western culture
studies chinese culture
supports gay because putin doesn't and he hates corruption so he likes gay
girlfriend is kajujuess, will give birth to a house of kajujus
first foreign country ever been to is Israel
speaks 3 languages instead of 1
the existence of his channel relies on mixing culture by peddling russian culture to the west

alpha male more like a liberal cuck
Oct 26, 2018
I liked him for a while until I've realized what he really is
a multicultural puppet created by post soviet liberalist sentiment, has absolutely no integrity at all, lost in manufactured cultural influence.
Apr 16, 2018
I just don't like Russian, I don't know what's the craze and meme about Russians that make them cool, probably some entity manipulated Reddit votes and manufactured the whole sentiment. The traditional media is acting out of time and dumb just so people would fall into the hands of the new internet media, thinking they're breaking free and cool.

Just because Russian is open now doesn't mean they aren't the same brain washed Soviet shills.
NFKRZ is not "normie", he's not acting like one, but he is poisonous to the population. To be an effective poison you have got to be 95% good food and 5% poison, and he is that.

Content creators will be more and more like him, acting non normie outside but carry out some agenda inside, when more content creators do that, his normieness will be obvious but now people don't see it.
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Nov 1, 2018
I don't know how the hell he is still a leftist after knowing so much about the right
No libtard will still want to be one after they've known a bit of the truth, they just don't want to listen but nfkrz is an exception


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Jan 22, 2020
It was nice to see him go at boring 🍑ss anti-sjw channels like No Bull💩 a couple years ago but between the weight loss and the hair length he almost comes off as hrtpilled these days. Almost reminds me of David Sherratt
Apr 8, 2018
He's funny when he stomps alt right clown channels or ideologies that are easy to pick on but if he were to criticize a guy who knows what he's talking about, oh boy is he going to look like a useful idiot.