Goodbye reCaptcha?


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Mar 31, 2018
I have noticed recently that whenever I increase my anonymity online, such as
  1. logging out of google account
  2. using ublock
  3. using cookie clean
  4. not using a residential ip, using a proxy
  5. using linux
  6. using firefox
  7. not using Google search
recaptcha will be extremely greedy to me, those are definitely the penalties. I will have to solve 10-20 captchas just to be able to get a pass, sometimes I solve 30+ and give up. recaptcha is draining my brain juice and using it for training google's machine learning algorithm.

having solved thousands of captchas, and experimented a lot. I can say with confidence that apparently the difficulty of the captcha doesn't increase just because you solved it wrong, sometimes throwing in a few wrong answers will speed the captcha up. the difficulty of captcha increases if google thinks they don't know your personal information enough, such as
  1. whether you're using a ip tied to an id card(when you open up a phone account they will ask for personal id)
  2. whether you're letting google know your search history, your youtube history
  3. whether you visited sites with google analytics with adblock off
  4. whether google knows your credit card number
  5. whether google knows your gps location via google account signed into an android phone
giving google any of the information above and sign into google account when solving captcha will drastically decrease the recaptcha challanges. it is without a doubt that recaptcha(google behind) blocks malicious attacks by counting how much your personal information they know.

I am planning to remove recaptcha from Crippical, just in case some anon is unable to comment because of recaptcha

also being a developer, I am developing a new captcha system called
(name has nothing to do with the sentiment of making funo blacks on Crippical, I just thought of it randomly hehe)
so, yeah be expecting


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Mar 31, 2018
ni🅱️🅱️APASS will concentrate on anonymity, it will block spam but will not block larp, because there's human activity involved in larping so how is it supposed to know which is larp, so all you neets out there don't have to worry about google using your user activities and patterns to enslave you anymore.
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Oct 26, 2018
stop shilling your ni🅱️🅱️apass is this what it's all about?
if not tell me more
Nov 1, 2018
recaptcha is greedy but that isn't a big issue, Google already knows so much about me already, they can probably convince me to keel myself, I really don't have much else to lose to Google

but what is an issue is that it's difficult to post with a non-residential ip, recaptcha really punishes that and 4chan bans that