Just a crazy thought



If conservation of energy is true
Then where does the sun get its energy from

Scientists say it comes from nuclear fusion, but that's just questionable, we can't even reproduce nuclear fusion on earth so fusion hasn't been proven possible why do you say the sun gets its energy from "fusion"? Shouldn't you prove fusion through making a fusion reactor before you say the sun is powered by fusion? I have no science degree of any sort but I think the scientists are getting it backwards.

iirc they first said the sun gets its energy from nuclear fission, but later they changed that because they found out the sun can't possibly burn for 14 billion years without running out of fuel through fission, so they came up with a new nuclear theory called fusion that produces more energy to fit the calculations.

I feel like someone is going to make fun of me saying durr why don't you plug an extension cord into itself you f🅰️king nut??
Apr 1, 2018
Just because you aren't sure where that energy comes from doesn't mean it's free, duh

This is the theory that I just whipped up:
The sun emits energy from nothing, free energy BAM!!!
The dome of the earth absorbs energy to nothing, that's why it gets colder when you get higher, and Antarctica is frozen because it meets the edge of the dome on the flat earth BAM!!!
Thermal equilibrium achieved BAM!!!

Just a theory to mess with you though don't be like retarded and actually take it seriously