Billie Eilish has highlighter on her head

Apr 1, 2018

She spilled anti-freeze on her head
She also looks weird and ugly
She also looks 30
She also has small eyes like chinese when she's relaxed
She also looks like a druggie(oh I guess it's cool now but she honestly looks f🅰️ked up homeless without her outfit)
She also laughs weird
She also couldn't sing

Her fans are stupid


Just look at the childhood pictures.
Whatever that thing is, it's certainly not a little girl.

Really disturbing.


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Is it me or is it her feet are too big
Screenshot_2020-01-12 Billie Eilish Carpool Karaoke - YouTube.png

We're talking about some person having feet 1/4 longer than his head, unbelievably long.

On the details,
Her nose is just too perfect to exist, it doesn't look like the nose of any ethnic group I've ever seen.
Also her chin is sharp but her jaw is like a granite jaw.
Also her mouth and teeth are too big.
Also her shoulder is wider than her hip.
But that's just my opinion after laying eyes on her, I don't know if it's because her weird outfit but this person is somewhat off.