Why would the writers of Bible lie?

Apr 1, 2018
OK I got this question:
If the writers of some mysteries religion were to lie, obviously it would make you search for the light within it, you have to pay your dues to be enlightened, the more lie there is the more money it generates. If the writers just tell you what it's all about up front why would you pay the dues.

If the writers of the Bible were to lie, who would be the beneficiaries?
Apr 8, 2018
Have you been to a f🅰️king church?
They make you feel uncomfortable if you don't donate
There's something off about the churches
Very few of them are openly against gays even fewer try to lynch them.
Also I think the fact that the pasters' only income is from the people going to church is kind of dubious, it really makes Christianity look like a cult where God is in constant need of money. I don't think they are true believers of Jesus.
Apr 8, 2018
I also have a few questions, don't know if anyone can answer.

Why do Christians worship the cross that Jesus died on and his dead carcass?
And why do they drink the blood of Jesus and eat his flesh? What's with the wine and cookie???
I only read a few passages of the Bible and I remember God told Noah and Moses not to drink blood, is this an exception made in the later chapters??
Apr 2, 2020
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