I've finally understood what the LGBTQ rainbow means




God destroyed the world with flood because man was corrupt
After the deluge God promised to not do it again
Genesis 9:13
I have placed My bow in the clouds,and it will be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.
So the LGBTQ+ was made to adopt the rainbow symbol because the rainbow is the sign of covenant, they don't even know what it means, but they are sure proud of what they do and they certainly don't give a crap about God.
It's basically a mockery to God saying, nah nah nah nah nah nah🎶, you can't keel us for being degenerates you made a promise, while flaunting the sign of covenant.
Truely shameful


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Jul 22, 2019
Not only that, but God created the rainbow with 7 colours (7 is used to represent completion, perfection, and rest), and the flag of the LGBTQ+ agenda has 6 colours (6 represents man, because it falls 1 short of 7, symbolising that we have all fallen short of the perfection God created us to be). The missing colour is indigo, which represents the design for the Father's creation, and is also sometimes used along with the colour blue to convey heavenly grace. This is what Satanists do, they twist and pervert everything that is holy and righteous to drive their NWO agendas. It's sickening.
Nov 1, 2018
They look youthful but
Can you imagine this
A 50 year old disease riddled skin sagging hair dyed penniless pervert would look ugly AF
Oh wait there is none, because they'd be dead by then
Apr 8, 2018
I mean gay people are weird but there is no god
Nope. I was an atheist, but after doing my own research(no church involved, never went to church and never will), the only logical conclusion I have came up with is there is actually God

And all dating of archeological records are inaccurate because archeologists determine the age of the fossil based on what soil layer they're in, and they determine the age of the soil layer based on the fossil they have found in that layer. Even an atheist would say that's circular reasoning. And many archeological students first get this idea when they first began to study this field but this rebellious thought is always quickly "shut up" by their professors. Professors tell students to believe in academic authority, "well there's got to be someone smarter and better established than you that defined the the age of the soil or fossil and you can only base your theory on their findings" but who are the academic authorities? Your guesses?

If you don't think what I've said make any sense, then I'm sorry you're retarded, you need to lay off that tap water


but who are the academic authorities? Your guesses?
***hand rubbing intensifies***

I was a believer in evolution then I found out the rich and powerful believe in some cult, I mean if they promote evolution then why do they believe in some god you know what I mean? I think it's pretty evident they're keeping us away from the good stuff, pretty selfish if you ask me