The start of something more powerful - The Grand Schematic


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Mar 31, 2018
After the word "crippical" originates, there needs to be a site made that stands for the ideology.
  • A site that has a bird-eye view over the trends, over the hivemind, over the meme space.
  • A site that sees through the state of content creation, to laugh at the status quos.
  • A site that brings out the nature of a person, and troll upon it.
What it means for the fans of the site.
We need to:
  • Be non-normies
  • Be self-aware
  • Aware the existence of the SYSTEM
  • Know how to troll
  • Be able to utilize irony, oxymoron, self-contradictory and circular logic... The kind of humor that's above simple memeing to retain advantage
  • The most importantly, be able to loath at oneself, and that is the hard part

I know that it's difficult and not everyone can do it immediately from the start, that's why this is called: The Grand Schematic.

I understand there should be a gradual process that allows the normies to understand what is going on, to not feel disconnected right from the start.
So these are the temporary plans
  • Allowing the hiveminders' definition of normies.
  • Allowing hiveminders to use the site without restrictions.
  • For the enlightened, whenever posting, don't post like posting stuff on Reddit, one title and one link. That is the fast-food-like CONSUMER culture. Please explain in detail what is actually going on, what is wrong, what should be aware, expose if possible.
And these are not rules, they're just the schematic.
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