This is it guys the platform has died

Apr 1, 2018

Remember that really skinny skeleton/bat girl on YouTube? That girl leafy ranted on?

Well her name is Eugenia Cooney, and the top mainstream personality channel on YouTube, shane, interviewed her for the last drop of content YouTube still has right now. I say this because she's not really a great personality except she refuses to eat, you don't take her out for content except you really ran out of it, she peaked at the leafy rant. The fact that she is now brought to the mainstream stage of YouTube for YouTube to produce content really signifies its very death, and this video is artificially weighted by YouTube to be #1 trending.

Glad the platform died.

These are the new ones.
Oct 26, 2018
Can't believe so much drama has generated from that video

Not supersized to be honest, she's a "victim", everyone wants to take advantage of her victim hood
I just don't trust dyed haired bitches...