Nice job Project Veritas

Nov 1, 2018
So basically the way Project Veritas wants everyone to think is
"Oh, actually Google should be classified as a publisher because..."
Hehehehehhh, nice job.(sarcastically)

After they get the gov to classify Google as publisher, the gov will classify every website as a publisher, so the website owners are responsible for the content users uploaded. This will be the US version of Article 13 of Europe.

After that happens, in order to be a publisher, you need to pay tribute to the content you curate, this holds all the website on the internet hostage to the big copyright owners.
Nice job 👏slow 👏slow 👏slow

Just leave Google the way it is, and don't let the gov protect you from it. If you don't like it, just don't use it. Just let it die off like MySpace.
It's like a kitchen knife, if your kitchen knife isn't very handy, get another one, don't let the gov protect you from the kitchen knife. For one who trades liberty for security deserves neither. You get it?
Apr 1, 2018


After like weeks+ Google got exposed for doing this, it still hasn't covered its tail
Do you seriously SERIOUSLY think people are stupid enough to believe Google isn't supporting its opposition to expose itself in order to achieve some plan? Like this is so obvious right? Am I smart or what?