What are these weird makeup YouTubers?

Nov 1, 2018
James Charles and Jeffree Star

They all look the same
They are SUPAR gay
They're all super fake
They look like monsters
They look horrible without makeup

YouTube is promoting the hell out of them, I don't even like them but YouTube constantly recommends them to me.
They're the kind of people that relate the least to the populi, they have no appreciable skill or character, they have no identity but a fake shell.

Who pays them because clearly they look like tools for some cosmetic manufacturer, what is going on?


One f🏳️‍🌈g tattos Anne Frank on his neck the other f🏳️‍🌈g wears steel wool
Some f🏳️‍🌈ggots literally nobody cares but f🏳️‍🌈ggots