YouTube has finally eliminated time in the comment section

Apr 8, 2018

I f🅰️king knew this would happen I f🅰️king knew it when they changed precise date to "2 month ago" "1 year ago"
The point of this is to make users lose time awareness, in order to: 1. so users spend more time on the platform 2. keep users as ignorant as possible


🤣🤣🤣 he's f🅰️king blind

Although.... YouTube certainly has a motive to keep its users disconnected from time, YouTube's whole game is to let you dwindle away your time watching something interesting and meaningless until they get complete control of your consciousness.
And they will get control of it, we're the few left to question it, the rest, they have lost the ability to question, they live in a life where the tracks are laid out for them by the data mining companies like Google, they are the minions of tomorrow.

I have talked about things like this with people in real life, most of them are dismissive and the least fearful, hope you guys aren't like them.