r/dankmemes is gone?

Oct 26, 2018
The sub reddit that used to pander right is now completely left?
It still has the remanent pepe pic

But the content is trash
pro-vax memes? global warming memes? obvious social media commercial memes?
Who posts these kinds of memes? These memes have tens of thousands of upvotes but only less than 100 comments... The real engagement is so low
Also the ah user online ratio is 1%???

My question is, is Reddit being used as a marketing black hole?
It's a phenomenon when the marketing/propaganda department does so much manipulation of the online media using bots and bought upvotes, the real users just get disinterested in the platform and almost the only users left on the platform are marketeers themselves. The marketing department uses its own bot/other marketing department's bots as a performance metrics to create a "it's working" analytics, attracting more spending into social media metrics manipulation. In reality it's just not working, these marketeers are just smelling each other's fart thinking it's the real deal.
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Nov 1, 2018
I don't understand why everyone on Reddit has to take screenshots from movies and put unfunny text over them.
I'm probably overthinking it but it could be
They're some people trying to use existing relatable visual to bring about an agenda, while controlling the licensing/copyright of the visual so they control the distribution and critique of their doing. Most of the 4chan memes are hand drawn which makes me question is the average userbase of any platform actually producing movie screenshot memes.