Deprecating Google Analytics


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Mar 31, 2018
I've been using Google Analytics on this website.

Honestly I just don't feel right, Google is just too big and they know too much, maybe I should stop feeding this huge snake. I know my friends on this site are ALL using adblock or some sort, they're not normies. If you don't use adblock, then you deserve to be tracced you stupid b🚺tch.

Also it feels like Google is cheating me, that's what my instinct tells me...
I believe they give me too little analytical information for the huge amount of data they have gathered from this site, it's suspicious.

I just don't trust the results they have shown me, they have Googled'ed so many videos on YouTube, if they can "influence" their users by feeding them weaponized information directly, they can "influence" me, by feeding me false and/or selective information on my analytics dashboard to make me react, using me as a link in the chain to "influence" users on this site according to their agenda. It's my instinct that everything that Google tells me has some level of lying in it.

This is how I feel about it, don't call me Morte the tilfoil guy OK? If you don't believe me you can go eat a d♠️ck.

I need to deprecate GA, are there any other analytics dashboards that don't give out user information to some data mining companies?
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