A money making scheme

Apr 8, 2018
Step 1
Download millions of pictures of women

Step 2
Make women's skin slightly darker

Step 3
Re-post the modified pictures of women on various websites, remove previous picture using DMCA or simply deletion

Step 4
Repeat 1 to 3, make skin darker on an exponential scale where scale=r^t, r<1.01, 2 month < t < 4 month
Shift the beauty standard toward darker skin

Step 5
40 years later
2 generation of mixed race babies are born

Step 6
Reverse the process of 1 to 4, now lighter skin is fasionable
All future babies have to buy skin whitening products, since there's no going back through genetics.
Create skin whitening product monopoly beforehand, the only solution is cosmetics, everyone on earth has to buy it for all eternity.

(1+0)/2 = 0.5 delta=1-0.5=0.5
(0.5+1)/2 = 0.75 delta=0.75-0.5=0.25
Apr 8, 2018
Why women specifically, this can be done to men too
The need to keep the notion of "looking lighter is more beautiful" alive but suppressed, so 40 years later people would accept the light tone beauty standard instead of completely forgetting it, you need light skin lovers coming out and say "I was right all along" and convince the former pioneers to the new standard.

The beauty standard may be swayed back and forth a million times instead of just once, you always need people that are falling behind the standard during every sway to make money, making all demographics reject light tone skin would keel the golden goose.
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