Joan Cario the sissy




Just found this guy recently he is a sissy, this is his latest video

If he's below 25 and thicc I might not have told the difference and I would probably be trapped and say no homo, but this dude is over 50!!!!!
He's a wrinkly old man, this 💩 is disgusting.

Who is Joan Cario, what is his job, what made him do this, why did he come out, why didn't he get lynched by the town folks, why did YouTube recommending this 💩 to me?
And most of all, what is he going to do with the mountains of outfits if he accidentally gets a heart attack?
Apr 8, 2018
Not even gonna watch, what is this
Checked out his channel, does this dude have 654 polystyrene dresses in his attic?

Edit: ok I watched, it's, something
I think he's a s🚻x offender guys, I think he diddles little kids, if there's an unsolved crime scene where a little boy got dressed up like a girl and molested, it's him, he did it
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Apr 1, 2018
Just noticed this old dude shaves his legs WTF WHY WHY DOES HE SHAVE HIS LEGS?
Is this some self-gratification process? Oh yeah ohhhhh gachigasm
Apr 8, 2018
"I've been a cross-dresser since I was a little kid, it's never really been something that partners that really appreciated. Matter of fact it once was the reason why the relationship ended"

When his marriage ended he moved to a little hick town and lived alone, the fact that people could discover him dressed like a little girl and lynch him makes his heart rush, and he loved it. He is now retired and lives on his pension, he spends most of his money on dresses and hair removal wax.

He has a special red stool that has a hole in it so he can stuck his tv remote firmly in the middle and ride on it.