The database of everything you're not supposed to know

Apr 8, 2018
I have been using YouTube 20+ times a day for the last 9 years
There's One thing I am sure of:
YouTube is actively filtering and arranging videos to make me dumb.

6 years ago I could see things I had never seeeeen, listen to opinions, events and history that were sharp and obscene.
I thought it would go on forever, it would be a window to the world, that every kid with a 💩ty cam in his bedroom can have a voice.
Now every video they suggest I am bored to watch, no element of surprise, topics that I loved YouTube to recommend never show up, as for the recommended videos, I have a feeling they're recommending videos to make me convert to something that I am not, it's more and more like dailymotion.

The traditional media is replacing folk media on YouTube, it is clear they have weights tweaked that are above everyone else, and everyone just f🅰️king watched.
The world is getting smaller.

But you know what the weak point of this system is?
They keep a database of everything you're not supposed to know for the system to keep you from everything you're not supposed to know, this includes keywords, tags, features and weights on "controversial" channels.
shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitt, this mean sooner or later, someone at YouTube is going to be conscientious and leak everything on a 128GB microSD card.