......umm FANFIC

Feb 9, 2019
Ian walked into the class and saw the usual suspects - the man-bun, the designer yoga mat, the guy wearing obnoxious Yeezys. Ian had to admit to himself he didn’t know a whole lot about shoes designed by hip-hop artists but he was fairly sure. He’d have to ask Joji later.
A new face came through the door. He was sort of a large guy, with long hair tied back about halfway up his head. He wore a white sleeveless shirt, through which Ian could see his tattoos - one that said: “Game over”. Immediately, Max rushed over to him, pouring affection in his direction. Ian grit his teeth. Whatever, he thought. He was at a yoga class. He had to relax. He could talk to Max later.
Except he didn’t relax. Max stayed with the new guy the whole time, pushing his arms above his head or pulling his knees down, hardly paying any attention at all to the rest of the class. Every new pose Max announced was done so over his shoulder. The new guy didn’t seem bothered at all - he didn’t enjoy Max’s doting nor did he dislike it. Ian’s teeth may as well have been ground to dust at that point. But he was determined to relax. Nothing was more unattractive than desperation.
The last straw, in hindsight, shouldn’t have been so dramatic.
The class was in the middle of going from a child’s pose to a downward-facing dog (golly, Ian’s favourite), when Max went over to the new guy and placed his hands either side of the man’s hips, lifting him slightly. A little exchange happened between them that left them both giggling. Ian held the pose for as long as he could, until his calves strained and his thighs ached. Until he had a twinge in his neck from looking behind him at that stupid Australian boy and his hazelnut hair. Max placed his hand just in the small of the guy’s back, and looked directly up at Ian across the room, underneath his curls.
For some reason, God knows why that was it. Ian flashed back to his dream, where Max had made the exact same face as he came up for air after giving Ian the best head of his life.
Ian’s arm gave out, and he fell onto his mat.

Max quickly escorted the other students out, lingering with the new guy, calling him darlin’ and making sweeping hand gestures, before rushing over to Ian. Ian was sitting cross-legged, drinking from his water bottle. He’d have to quit this class, he thought. The whole rigmarole was giving him more stress headaches than it was supposed to solve. His stupid brain couldn’t stop thinking about Max’s hair, though, which was unhelpful. It just looked so soft - Ian wanted to rip it out. When he saw Max coming he rearranged his sweatpants and crossed his legs over again.
“Hey man, you doing okay? You seemed really tense tonight.” Max said, all loving and gentle. He went to touch Ian’s knee, but he flinched away. “Ian, what’s wrong?”
“Oh, I just,” Ian could smell Max’s hair. It fell around his neck, feminine and silky. He hadn’t bothered to tie it up. Ian needed his d♠️ck to stop thinking that was such a nice idea. “I have a headache.”
“Aww, poor wifey,” Max smiled. The pet name was what got him - Ian was hard, and no amount of ‘think of my grandma naked’ could fix that. All he could see, hear, and smell was Max, and he f🅰️king loved it. Ian coughed, and Max’s hand landed on his lower back, soothing him. Oh, God. Ian couldn’t get up now - he didn’t want to risk Max seeing him. But he couldn’t stay sitting forever either. Max noticed his shortness of breath, and let the hand on Ian’s back rest on his right hip. “Your eyes are all wide, dude. You stoned or somethin’?”
God, Max’s lips were so close. Ian laughed nervously. “No, I just…” There he was, distracted by Max’s pink lips again.
Max just smirked at him, almost mockingly. There was a dead silent few seconds between them.
Then Max reached his thumb around from Ian’s hipbone to closer to his lower stomach. Ian didn’t say anything - maybe this was another dream, and if it was, he’d rather die than stop it going where he thinks it’s going. The hand crawled ever so slowly until Max’s palm rested on Ian’s inner thigh. He looked at Ian, with big eyes. “Do you want this?” He asked.
Ian didn’t think he’d ever said ‘yes’ so fast in his life
Oct 26, 2018
Man, my attention span is too short for this
Can you do a Maxmoefoe c🥛mshot compilation?