Shadbase in a nutshell

Oct 26, 2018
You're late, this pic would only impress the shadbase newf🏳️‍🌈gs and sentimentalists.


The shock value has gone down for a reason just look at the comments of this page
See how many people are triggered, how did shadbase attract these keyboard warriors, there used to be a lot less.

But I think if there's no contrast there's no shock.
If there're only edge f🏳️‍🌈gs on shadbase like it used to, the edge f🏳️‍🌈gs can't be shocked, but if there're norm f🏳️‍🌈gs on shadbase, shadman can shock them real good, all those triggered comments, oh yeah that's a nice troll, shocked them real nice you know what I'm saying?