Gus Johnson is working for the mainstream?


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Dec 17, 2018
This video got in my feed today

Gus Johnson read the violent criminal history of Chris Brown.
Exposing mainstream celebrity? Wow. That's nice, and he got a bunch of views, noice.
He's totally right but something doesn't make sense.

YouTube is owned by the lv.100 boss who owned Chris Brown, why didn't this lv.1 crook fear to get his channel deleted?
Why was this recommended by YouTube?
I searched the same video on Reddit, apparently this video got 60k+ upvotes within 15 hours on r/videos.

I guess Gus is just very brave, but I noticed something fishy.
  1. mainstream media are also attacking Chris Brown (toronto star, PEOPLE...)
  2. r/videos is rigged, if you're not an idiot you should at least know or suspect that
  3. Gus didn't insert sponsorship, if you're asked to do a reel then you can't insert the other commercial sponsors. It's like you're asked to film the Coke commercial you can't insert a man eating a big mac with the M logo on it just because McDonald's also gave you money.
Exposing people that are not related to you to gain moral high ground for subs is not really new on YouTube, almost every YouTuber did that, nothing can be criticized about him doing it.

I might be crazy but Gus Johnson, the funny guy, the edgy guy, the guy that drop F bomb but suspiciously recommended on family friendly YouTube, might be a rat.
I'm not accusing but it's just a doubt, just something interesting to think about.
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Oct 26, 2018

You want to know some American history?
This Gus Johnson's great grandpa used to be that Gus Johnson's great grandpa's slave. That's why his last name was Johnson.