How is Stephen Colbert even remotely funny?

Apr 8, 2018

#3 on trending like what the f🅰️k, every day I open up a new tab, this motherf🅰️ker is on trending.
It only has 800k views, that's so low on YouTube.

And he's not even that funny, did his writers used to work at the biscuit or the cardboard factory? Every joke is dry AF. 90% of the jokes are just "haha i know right".

Whenever Stephen Goldberg tells a joke he stares dead in the teleprompter, so awkward, looks like he's trying to r🅰️pe me with his unfunny jokes. He can't even remember the punch lines, how is he a comedian.

Let me get this, trending on YouTube means "what they WANT you to think is trending", but how could it be so blatant? I expected more covert methods.
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Apr 16, 2018
What did leafy say about YouTube?
"I think in a few years you're only going to see Stephen Colbert"