Seriously what has "the Simpsons" become?

Apr 1, 2018
I saw the last episode
It's season 30 episode 30.

Basically the story line goes like this:
Lisa and Bart want a big screen GL brand 9k TV as Christmas gift, Marge goes to Walmart during the Black Friday and fought like a white trash, oh btw she helped a poor guy as well and got betrayed(makes no sense), Bart f🅰️ked up a tourist attraction and scared the owner out of some money, which the parents used to buy the TV, the end

What just happened?
  • Why do Bart and Lisa want a huge TV? Don't you mean a Nintindo Switch or iPhone XS or something to play games with? Do kids know what the TV does? They're born with the internet how would they know? Seems to me some middle-aged writers wrote what THEY would've wanted to strike a cord with middle-aged viewers, or LG sponsored the Simpsons to make Bart and List say they want a big TV. It's misinformation, little bit manipulative.
  • Marge goes Black Friday shopping like a white trash? Wow this episode is soooo eye opening.
And what is the essence of the story? Oh I get it Marge helped a guy at Walmart so this is a feel good moment, then she got betrayed so I should not trust common folks?
The show is so empty now, it really seems like a grind to the inevitable death.