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Mar 31, 2018
@ngalex 's rant on GreekGodX is pretty good, just so mean.
I know who he is.
GreekGodX, used to be funny, made some money, now only react to things as Twitch cracks down on individuality and toxicity.
I suggest he cash out and leave, just order food everyday to his house and die in his filth. haha
It's funny AF to imagine GreekGodX dying in his filth with pizza boxes and uber boxes scattered around his room.
Oct 26, 2018
@ChefBigDog tells random guy off saying he "shouldn't breed" because he's "too stupid", then be all smarty pants big shot, puts his shekels into crypto and gets bogged, loses 10k on the market, bought again, hodling bags til this day.

Literally took me 5 min to research.
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bccftw you f🅰️king raging neckbeard normie, KYS before you breed.

That post has tons of Reddit upvotes and tons of comments raging, are people really this stupid?
I'm not a crypto genius but these people are so special......... I mean how do they even breed? How do they know how to put the pee pee in the poo poo? How the f🅰️k did they figure that out?
I thought it was the bottom at $4.15 and bought, now it's at $2.97
Soon after I bought red candle went through the floor, I thought, did I get Bogged? No, this must be the bottom, that dump was to liquidate the shorts.
Should've cashed out the moment I suspected I got bogged. Now I am capitulated.
View attachment 271 f🅰️k, this is a sucker's rally, I'm cashing out to buy Nvidia Titan Vs to train my machine learning models, f🅰️k this, I'm out.
Sorry @Morte I don't care about how much EOS can scale to gazillian tps and the smart contract and the drama ANYMORE, I won't be joining.
I'll train ML models and make REAL dollars STABLY like before, f🅰️k this 💩
I bought again at $2.42 now it's $1.99

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I'm done, total loss: 10k$.
From a dev's perspective EOS is the bomb, but apparently that doesn't help.
$1.60 now my bags are heavy, never experienced so much pressure, I just want to sell and go on with my life.
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Maybe it's my ego that's preventing me from selling, I have been self employed made millions, everything has been calculated and going so well for me, then this, I don't understand, why? Never made a deal so trash in my life AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Maybe the market is my ultimate demise, it's a f🅰️king casino and the 👺s always win.