Just a gaming hypothesis

Apr 1, 2018
Make a badly designed video game with player interactions as core mechanics.
People start to complain: This is a 💩 game, mechanics horrible, characters are not balanced, I die out of nowhere, this game is a f🅰️king casino, f🅰️k this.
Release patches: Players are too toxic to each other, which is the main problem, we have developed a report system that fixes toxic behaviors.

Plot twist: buttons on reporting system actually don't work, it's just a UI, its purpose is purely psychological, to make people believe
  • The company is very friendly and responsible for the game, they care
  • This community is really toxic, these buttons are here for a reason
This way the company can diverge players' hate towards the company to hate among players themselves.

They don't want to go through community forums and know what people want and fix the issues, they just want the cheap guaranteed fix. Heck, the devs don't even play the game.


I talked 💩 on r/overwatch with the same username as my overwatch account, I got banned for griefing and toxic behavior some bull💩 like that in the same week, coincidence? I think not.

Maybe the purpose of report button is to make users believe it's other users that reported them, not the company's PR maneuver.


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
What if the game is designed for players to be toxic to each other.

Most of the players:
I just want to play DPS, it's called being the cool protagonist? Like the main character in the movies?

Game designer:
A third of you must be the bottom b🚺tch that heals, and be happy for your team mate's success, you have to be a cuck, or you'll LOSE.
(rumbling noises among players)