TriHard Watch - What happened to TriHards?

Apr 1, 2018
I was watching the video @ngalex made on some trihard on Twitch, which made me think, what is the fate of triHards?
There're just too many of them wanting to make it. What happens to them in the end?

I know I laugh at triHards and be mean to them just for laughs, but I get kinda sympathetic towards these average people you know.

Most of the triHards aren't at all entertaining, some of them are f🅰️king bald in their 30s trying to make it, why? Just wage cuck until you have kids so you will have some sense of fulfillment and accomplishment. Sorry, I'm poking fun at trihards again.

These are real people, I want to know their life story.

OK so, do we have some sort of statistical flow graph of triHards?
Maybe we should randomly select some TriHards, and put them in a watch list, and record their activity for a long periods of time to see what happens to them. Maybe we can discover some patterns.
Apr 1, 2018
Entry requirements of trihard watch list
  1. Participant does not know
  2. Has less than 100 recurring daily active audience
  3. Has no connection to other popular content creators
  4. Has well documented online history
  5. Has social media accounts so we can know his daily life
  6. Selected not based on personal preference to ensure data sets are representative to the general trihard population
Apr 8, 2018
I guess I can develop scrapers to index a trihard's "creative" life for analysis.

Edit: Nevermind, I'm working on a 🤑 project, no time for entertainment, sorry guys.
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Oct 26, 2018
That video,
Arnithian has been streaming for 14-15 months, capitulation stage, 12 viewers, I found him by scrolling way down on Twitch on random.
He has a 40 year old unfunny f🅰️k buddy playing pubg with him, total unappealing loser sidekick, which a lot of streamers have, just inserting conversations.
He would be a fine specimen because you can observe 2 trihards at the same time.



8 viewers
He's got stream overlays everything set up, and he's playing some city building game, this is going to be a long grind.