Have you actually clicked an ad because it's what you wanted?

Apr 16, 2018
I have never clicked an ad on the internet just because it happens to show before a video or something.
To me, targeted advertising does not exist, they are relevant to my browsing history but not relevant to what I want, just annoying.

If I clicked, that's because I wanted to buy it all along, I would've bought anyway even if there's no ad about it at all.
What about you guys? What is the percentage of actual effective ad placement?


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Out of 100 ads, 95 of them get blocked by my adblock.
The ones that aren't blocked by adblock, or when I forget to turn adblock on, 1% of them I click.
Out of the 1% I click, 5% I buy.

So that's 0.0025% effective ad placement for me.
Can't say the same for dumb 🍑ss consumers though.
Apr 1, 2018
Is it evil to click on an ad on purpose just because you hate the brand so much, you want to cost them money per click?

I did it to Apple for 2 years every time their ad show up BECAUSE I HAD A CRAP MACBOOK THAT HEATS UP AND BURNS MY LAP, every time it's burning my lap and their ad show up, I click.

Except for that I click nothing else.
Back in 2011 it was alright, but in 2018 why would I click on an ad when the YouTube video itself is an ad?
Apr 8, 2018
I have adblock on desktop. On mobile, probably 0.05% I click, and the only thing I engaged from ads was installing some stupid app game that I uninstalled after 2 minutes because it looks nothing like the ad.

Some ads you can't click, like the candy ads, they come up with absurd situations to subconsciously make you buy their stuff.
Doesn't work on me, I just buy whatever gum or candy that is in the middle of the shelf to avoid being manipulated by those ads.
f🅰️king marketers thinking they can f🅰️k my head 😛.