Methods to spot a sponsored gaming channel

Apr 8, 2018
So... the new Call of Duty battle royale is out, the whole community is just so positive about it, I am a little bit suspicious.
Everyone knows the Call of Duty franchise is a dead horse, not original at all, every new game is similar to the previous one, you play one you've played them all.

So why is everyone so hyped up about it? They seem so happy.

I suspect they all took sponsorship money.
What are the indicators that a gaming channel is sponsored?
Apr 8, 2018
Top 3 sponsor:
  • Ubisoft
  • Activsion
  • Microsoft
If you're watching a new game made by one of them, the video is probably sponsored.

Let's be honest, the games they make are not fun, they're attractive, but you will take the refund if they were to offer it after you have played the game for 5 hours.

Their plot is to use the content creator you love to make you believe something is attractive and fun, after you have learned how to play the game, hours have passed, they won't give you refund.
Apr 16, 2018
Dudes, for real, I browsed Twitch the other day, looking for the smallest channel to troll, I stumbled upon a channel with 12 viewers.
He was playing Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the new pubg copy cat.

I basically told him in chat,
hey, keel your teammate, this is getting boring, let's get some content rolling.
He said no, but in a legal jargon way, it was so sudden I couldn't remember the exact words, but it basically meant that it would smear the game in a bad way and devalue the game. This guy has definitely read some contract, no human would normally speak like that.

He could've just said nah man, that's being a d♠️ck. But he was acting in a legal cautious way, as if he was referring to the sponsorship contract he signed.
To think that even a streamer with 12 viewers is sponsored was really mind blowing to me, shills everywhere man, this business is f🅰️ked.
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Being overly f🅰️king nice.
If they're willing to lie to my face by being fake nice then why wouldn't they sell out?
Oct 26, 2018
Nowadays on YouTube, it doesn't pay to create, it pays to shill and hype.
Everything changed since 2016, sad.
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