Why are p🚻rnhub's comment so much better than YouTube's?

Apr 8, 2018
Is it possible that YouTube's comment section doesn't actually reflect the community like a bulletin board,
and what Youtube does is picking the comments that their bot think fit for you?

YouTube bot: Mmmm, what comment should I show this viewer to trigger him to watch more videos?
Google is best at semantic analysis, p🚻rnhub just hasn't adopted this kind of bot, and actually ranks comment based on upvotes count and creation time.
Apr 1, 2018
6 month ago someone left a comment exposing G of stuff on my video, and YouTube automatically tagged it spam and let me review it, I was like holy cow, the bot knows, it actually vets all comments for G!
(not gonna say what is it in case I get f🅰️ked)

The AI censorship is just unreal, just don't trust the dynamic comment section.


Maybe there's something to do with p🚻rnhub doesn't let you set thumbnail like YouTube, so the clickbait cancer didn't start.