The similarities

Apr 8, 2018
STFU, I love demolition ranch guy because he's kool, which means you are stupid.

He's more manly than you will ever be, and I don't allow you to degrade him, the fact that he's showing us weapons is to make awesome videos for our enjoyment, which may or may not have an influence on our purchasing decisions, but it's our choice, because we are human beings with free-wills.

Have you not seen him in his latest movie Strain 100?
That's right, compared to him, you got nothing going on in your life, I will pay to watch this movie because I am his fan, and we support each other.

I will puncture you with a sharp object and throw in a diss track recorded with a tech-support mic, then you will truly be a nobody.

Know when you're defeated, accept your defecation.


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Who do you think you are?

Demo guy is the one who protects our rights, there's no way he's a money wh🚺re, he could buy so many products because he's a hard working Joe, just like any of us.

Anyone who loves puppy is a good person, especially the ones who puts it on camera.
Apr 7, 2018
Guy used to do freaky interesting 💩 with his private arsenal now there're just sponsorships after sponsorships, sometimes "hey look at my kids".
Video is really bloated, I can literally compress his 10 min video down to 15 seconds.