UnlistedLeaf has the most friendly community

Apr 8, 2018
Ran into his videos today, so he's a Pokemon review channel like MaxmoefoePokemon?

This is his generic description
Hey Guys! UnlistedLeaf here but otherwise known as Ando and welcome to my YouTube channel! I post videos that are mostly Pokemon / Gaming related! So if you do enjoy my content please feel free to subscribe..and if you have clicked that subscribe button YOU ARE AWESOME *High Five*!! :D But most of all KEEP ON GAMING!
That's really REALLY generic man.

Take a look at his comment section
UnlistedLeaf sucks back.PNG

UnlistedLeaf comment.PNG

Wow, they're not telling him to keel himself.
Apr 8, 2018
Maxmoefoe's fans be like:
Maxmoefoe sends his best regard.
Max's f🅰️king edgy, he eats disgusting things, and he tells good dirty jokes.

Seriously, why, how did this UnlistedLeaf channel happen? There's no personality no joke no nothing. He's just a guy opening his dreadful booster packs, and he has more subs and views than Max.
Apr 1, 2018
I know we often joke about Maxmoefoe being Ryan Toysreview but UnlistedLeaf is literally Ryan Toysreview.

Maybe you don't but normies love it. Wow what a smiling slightly funny guy with his new packs every day.