Overwatch is encouraging teen suicide

Apr 8, 2018
You know when your whole team died, and you're the only one left, what do you do? Jump off the map and keel yourself! So the enemy team doesn't get alt charge, or so you can spawn together with the team.

This is a compilation of baby d.va trying to suicide, so the player could spawn with the team.

This Overwatch game mechanic encourages teens to suicide.
Should this kind of behavior be disabled in the game mechanics or at least discouraged in the Overwatch League?
Should Overwatch's ESRB rating be raised from Teen to Adult?
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Oh no the video is down, can't watch it.

By the way isn't Overwatch the most racist game of all time? I'm just saying, they won't give a ni🅱️🅱️a a gun.
Lucio: hurt people using music
Doomfist: punching ni🅱️🅱️as