When it's so bad it's actually good collection


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Mar 31, 2018
Guys let's collect stuff that are so 💩 they actually good, post them down below.

D4NNY with a 4, one of the many wannabe rappers that wanted to make it, created this meme master piece.

It's so f🅰️king weak, in contrast to the tough hard core boasting rappers, which made this video god.

Failing to realize people just clicked for the one meme, he continued to produce crap, and actually tried to make his rapping career serious, which nobody cared.
Apr 8, 2018
lolTyler1 bob ross stream
lolTyler1 became viral on Reddit when some compilation channel posted a video of him being toxic playing LoL.
Then he got banned, he started variety streaming, which became the pinnacle of his streaming career.

But soon he burned out, figured now that he got fame, why bother triharding? He went back to streaming League of Legends after a insider deal with Riot Games which got him unbanned, under promise that he won't be toxic and good for the brand.
Now he is an average LoL streamer that people watch because of familiarity.
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