List of content creators that has gone to a dark path

Apr 1, 2018
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There is a difference between content creation and content curation.
  • Play happy wheels --- content creation
  • Do funny comedy skits --- content creation
  • Do science experiments --- content creation
  • Create drama --- content creation
  • Flex with mommy's credit card -- content creation

  • Review Reddit memes --- content curation
  • Reacting to videos --- content curation
  • Top 5 most ... you won't believe exist --- content curation
  • Tell you about drama --- content curation
  • SJW get pwned commentary --- content curation
  • Point fingers at kid that flex with mommy's credit card --- content curation
When a content creator is infected with the disease of content curation, his source of content changes from himself to his audience.
The curator does not need to create original content, he grows based on his existing popularity, using the words of one fan to entertain another.
Content creating nobodies will only be harvested for content, since there're so many of them that want to make it/get load of karma on Reddit, there is an unlimited supply.

Content curation is a disease. Be aware of the disease, and appreciate original content.
Here's a list of content creators that have infected with the disease, you're welcome to add more.
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