How to make NORMIES get off my back?

Apr 8, 2018
I got some normie friends quoting memes they saw on Reddit, when I said golly jeez that's really normie, they ridiculed me man, they hurt my feelings. Nah just kidding, they act like they're totally cool, and looked down on me, I was like, ok, I see how it is.

I guess people don't know memes are the product of hivemind now, and now that Pewdiepie, the former normie let's player as well as some young dads are memeing, don't you think the whole thing is normie now?

Anyways, they call me a normie and they laugh at me everyday in class, c'mon dude give me some rep, I kind of have a bad name now, guess they thought I didn't get the memes, what a normie. I get the memes, I'm just unimpressed and not interested in it anymore like I used to.

How do I get them off my back?


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Mar 31, 2018
"You're not better than me, OK?"
OMEGALUL Why you got to do this man?

Normies like to think they're on the verge of memes, even though some celeb introduced the meme to them.
The Redditors laugh at 9gagers, they think they're on the verge, ironically they consume memes stolen from 4chan.

Normally just play along, don't make them feel insecure.
The meme game is a popularity game, you make them feel dumb you get 💩 on.

But now that you already have a bad normie name in school, just stop caring.
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Seriously, yoi can't walk around saying people are dumb, and make them agree with you. You gotta play the normies, not rolling with them.

How many normies believe FousyTube/lilTay/Jake Paul is cool? The reason they subbed is because they want to see what to hate next.

The hateful got their watch time and retention, so who's the loser now? Normies got played son.

@noemie I suggest you play dumb and let it rain, it won't be long till they get tired and realize a person can't be so dumb, he must be acting.