Ted's Holdover's bulletproof moral highground circular logic

Apr 8, 2018

I don't understand what he's trying to say.
I am not a liberal saying he shouldn't keel, I'm ok with keeling, it's just what we do, we keel with rocks back in 100,000BC when we're monkeys, why stop?

Just look at his transcripts:
just because you're a big
giant human doesn't make this thing non
vicious it's up to you and me to keel as
many as we can try to level the playing
field as much as possible
What does me being a human has to do with the bird business?
To level the playing field for birds? And if I don't do it I am morally guilty?
f🅰️k you don't hold me hostage.

Watch the whole video, it's so mind-boggling.
It's a video with "keeling", "nosjw" tone, "I'm protecting the environment" mashed together.

C'mon dude, it's keeling for fun and YouTube money, don't slap the environment-righteous sticker on it.
Is he trying to come up with righteous keeling because of YouTube TOS? BTW throwing "I shoot when kids are not around and people go to work, so I don't hurt nobody" in.
Apr 8, 2018
It feels like he's just coming up with excuses to keel 💩.
Oh 💩 2 birds are fighting, better step in with my airgun with GoPro

Dude YouTube gradually ranks down gun-related videos anyway, being a big man that shoots not real gun doesn't save the situation.
Why you coming up with excuses like that, big man?
Apr 8, 2018
Everyone tries to grab and squeeze mosquito when it's flying around and trying to bite right?

What if, he missed the bird by an inch, the bird is too scared to come out, he goes over there, and caught the bird, and if he lets go, the bird will fly away.

Will he squeeze the bird till its blood comes out of its nose to "level the playing field"? It's the same effect of keeling it with a bullet, come on, do the right thing for the environment, do it!

He wouldn't do it, so it's all about shootin' and the footage.


How a family of tree swallows was spared with one well-placed shot

This gives me an idea.
Whenever I do something edgy, I do it in a good name, always make it look like a good deed, so my pals know what I'm doing, knowing I'm edgy and cool, and normies think I am a good person.

Let's say a guy is f🅰️king cringe and talks about gas the 👺s meme he saw on 9gag like he invented it, I shoot him in the d♠️ck, and tell everybody he's a white supremacist.

Good guy moot.