Identifying a Let's Player

Apr 8, 2018

How to accurately identify a Let's Player (a kind of content "creator")?
I know he would say "let's" do something, plays through fresh games. Sometimes he has some personality and makes me forget that he is a soulless let's player that consumes my time for money.

What are the accurate identifications?


Happy and sad when the game tells him to.

Never question the game: ok this scene is so played out, it's cringe af this point, not feeling it, nice try.

He has to pretend to have felt it because he's taken sponsorships.


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
The most obvious wording: "let's" "we"
"We did it"
"We're not going to do this"
"Let's go"
"Let's see"

We? I am literally taking a 💩, I'm not playing, f🅰️k off dude.
Jul 19, 2020
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