Gamer vs Memer

Apr 8, 2018
When video game was considered a sin, nobody called people who play games "gamers"
Then video game got mainstream, even grown-ups started to play it, the news called them "gamer", and I remember me being 12 yo getting annoyed by people calling me "gamer", trying to sell me gamer graphics card with fire stickers on it, gamer chair, gamer mouse, gamer drinks WTF.
The whole thing is not a niche that few people understands, it's a business. Then people got used to it and accepted the term "gamer".

When memes was just a few fun pics on 4chan, nobody called people who did it "memers"
Then TV started to call people who meme "memers", memes went normie when the biggest channel on YouTube was about memes, and every Fortnite montage channels started to meme, there're pepe shirts, pepe dolls, pepe emotes on Twitch, the whole meme thing runs like a business.

This is just one of the early signs.

The "memer" term is just going to follow "gamer" with a bunch of 30 yo "memeing", to entertain and profit from the masses.


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Mar 31, 2018
Every single content creator that uses memes:
Oh well, I'm going to cut wood off the sinking boat and sell it.
Sorry, got to roll with the normies man, more audience and money > fewer critical audience and less money.

Critical fanbase are likely to turn on him anyway, and they're stingy with their shekels.
Just entertained you f🅰️kers with scripted edgy 💩 that puts me on the edge of getting banned, 9k viewers.
Sit down stream normie league grind: (brain dead fans that love familiarity) Love you tyler here's $50. 300k viewers.
Streams Fortnite

Yet another content creator that bootstraps edgy, but settles wholesome.


I'm tired of the meme game too, meme had its time until happy wheels Pewdiepie jumped on the boat.

That's it, I'm calling people "memers" to undermine its foundation, it has to be done.


To sell you automobiles, "look at these drivers"
To sell you games, "look at these gamers"
To sell you social media agendas, "look at these memers"

All made up words by the media