YouTuber Emilia Fart character analysis




OH WOW. Well said! Yes indeed, she lives a lazy, indolent, self-centred life. Others work for a living. We have ethics and we are responsible. She lies in bed, bingeing, and posts deliberately provocative videos. Her very young fanbase laps-up every puerile clown-like stunt. She is 31 years old! This poor victim schtick is fake. She's making out like a bandit on youtube revenue. You and I work, we pay rent or our mortgage. We have commitments and expenses we don't try to shirk. She is a joke. For her it's all about trying to seem kooky and 'out there' and radical and special. Take a look at her. A walking eating disorder that pretends to value people for their inside, not their exterior. Projection! She likes very thing femme girls but expects them to desire and even love her bloated obese body. Get a job, Emilia! Contribute, for once x