Tanking materials on Reddit

Apr 8, 2018
You know when someone has posted a YouTube link on Reddit before you on a certain sub Reddit, Reddit tells you it's already posted.
It would make sense that Reddit may give a duplicated link low initial quality score to make sure it doesn't surface like the previous one, in order to discourage the re-poster, make sure people always bring in new material.

This may be utilized to tank a content creator's material.
Let say a content creator named Alice made content called "me and my cats", and fits in sub Reddit A, B, and C.​
In order for Bob to tank Alice's content, Bob posts Alice's material and title it "give me upvote please to start my career" or "imma keel these cats tomorrow", and we all know Reddit doesn't like self-advertising, users downvote the content.​
When Alice wants exposure from Reddit, she tries to post in relevant sub Reddit A, B, and C, only to find out Alice's content was already posted and has bad ratings. If Alice insists to post, first Reddit gives the material a bad initial quality score because it's a duplicate, second it has a bad score history, causing Alice's material to never surface on Reddit.​


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Sounds doable, if you check on VidIQ, big channels don't get most of their views from Reddit, so this might only works on small channels.

Remember that post about Tyler1 being toxic on r/LiveStreamFail that went viral, that basically made him?

That post could have been tanked using this method and Tyler1 would've never been born.