Penguinz0 virgin vs 4 chads

Apr 8, 2018

Right off the bat, as all commentary channels do:
He doesn't give credits in the discription, so people can't watch the original video instead of listening to him pause and "commentate".

no credits.PNG

I know people don't like YouTube's pets on trending, but Cr1TiKaL is just pure hatin'.

Cr1TiKaL comes up and says hey you're copying some Japanese tv show, really? He does realize he's copying leafyishere right? He has the same format of every single commentary channel on YouTube.

They got props, very nicely made props, probably bought by their producers. They're in a big house, maybe rented. They have them Jake Paul hairstyle, looking like total chads.
What does Cr1TiKaL have? A small room with a mic, with teeth in his mouth and eyes in his head, being a total virgin wining about the opportunities he doesn't get to have.
being a total loser.PNG

No joke if some producer gets to Cr1TiKaL and say here's a million dollars we're going to make you popular, you're going to look like the richest motherf🅰️ker alive, you're going to appear in the recommendations, you're going to humor those children, all you need to do is stream Fortnite, you think he wouldn't accept it?
Apr 1, 2018

You aren't supposed to 💩 on other Fortnite youtubers/streamers if you're a Fortnite streamer yourself, who else but cr1tikal? DooDooDoo that's cr1tikal. #TurfWarConfirmed


Crib owner
Mar 31, 2018
Cr1TiKaL always sounds so unimpressed, IHateEverything be like: I can't compete with this level of unimpressiveness, here buddy you take my name please, I'll change my name to BritWithOpinions.

Cr1tikal sounds like a guy that has never achieved orgasm and was scarred for life.